My Top 5 Winter Hustles

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My Top 5 Winter Hustles 

Running missions for family and friends:


Getting low on your fun passes? $$$ Ask your friends and family if there is anything you can do to help them. If they insist that they don’t need help, recommend suggestions that you think will help them and explain why. If you come to an agreement on what help can be done, then try to come to a agreement on how they can help you back. Sometime it’s good to start by helping out for free. If they are not returning the favors, don’t invest anymore time doing favors for them.


Helping out local small business owners:


Research and write up a plan that can save businesses time and/or make them money. Reach out to local business owners. Explain to them how your plan will save them time and/or make them money. Give them a reason why you are a better options then others that are possibly doing the same thing.


Book marketing:


Don’t have a Book to market? With technology these days, anybody can publish a book. Choose a subject that you are passionate about. Build a following of people with the same passion (this can take some time. Don’t give up). Just bring it to peoples attention every now and then that you have a book that they might be interested in. Don’t try to over sell it. Just be you. Use multiple website to tell people about your book and to build a following.


Sell junk around the house you don’t use:


I go all Spring, Summer, and Fall with customers giving me things and buying things I only need temporarily. Come winter time, I’m running out of shortage space. This is when I start posting stuff I will probably never use online. I personally use craigslist, offerup, and letgo.


Cryptocurrency Investing:


Cryptocurrency investing is a more risky investment. But with more risk comes more reward. I use Coinbase to buy Bitcoin and Litecoin. My money in it keeps doubling. I believe it will keep going up for a long time and become more accepted as a currency. Signing up with the Coinbase link gets me a $10 referral.

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