6 Hobbies You Can Turn Into Money Making Side Hustles

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6 Hobbies You Can Turn Into Money Making Side Hustles

#1: Gardening

If you have a love for Gardening, why not make some money off it? How? You can set up a stand outside your house or a friends, if the location is better. Put up signs with killer deals for passer-Byers to see. Have your Vegetables, Fruits, and Flowers in a organized fashion. People are more likely to buy if they see that you put in the time and care about your side hustle. Some locations use the honor system. They have a lock box chained to something stable like a big tree.


Don’t want to do all that? Then why not help that old lady next door, who’s yard has slowly been declining? She’d probably end up making it worth your wild, and ask you to come back if you do a good job. Or you know that business man next door is paying too much when you see his Landscape crew.  


#2: Writing

Turn your writing skills into cash. How? There are a lot of people with busy lives that need your writing skills. Become a Freelance writer and write blog post for peoples websites, write up plans for people, write post for businesses social media, and even write book for people to publish. The best part of this job is you can work from home. Click Here to see all the Freelance writing jobs that are available. 

#3: Tech Support

If you are Tech savvy, start turning it into a side hustle. Decide what services you want to offer your clients. Have the hardware, software, and services knowledge that you need to help people. Set the prices for your services. Advertise your skills through word of mouth, online, flyers, and business cards.

#4: Crafts

Do you enjoy making crafts on your free time? Start selling them as a side hustle. There are many online websites like Etsy that people come to and buy crafts. You can also sell crafts at local fairs and shows. Make sure your crafts are good enough quality for someone to buy it. Just because your Mom used to tack up your drawings on the refrigerator doesn’t mean your work is professional enough for people who aren’t related to you to buy it. Do your homework. Find out who typically attends the show, what kind of turnout you can expect and how much it will cost to exhibit there.

#5: Buying/Selling

Do you like to browse the classifieds looking for deals? If you are good at spotting potential, on under valued merchandise this is the side hustle for you. Many people side hustling second hand products are becoming full time businesses. Spotting under priced goods at garage sales, Goodwill, storage actions, Craigslist, Offerup, LetGo, and Facebook. And then reselling the goods at still a reasonable price. It is very easy to get started buying a few very under prices items and flipping them for a profit. If you get really into flipping items, it’s best to start buying in bundles to get even more savings. Garage sales, storage actions, and some second hand store will give you a better deal when buying quantity. 

#6: Social Media Business Page Management

I don’t think it’s much of a secret that Social media has gotten huge.  Facebook is said to have 1.79 billion monthly active users at the third quarter of 2016. More and more businesses are turning to social media to find customers for their business. Businesses that are using social media to find customers have to hire someone to design their page, create enticing ads, and run a campaign to get the right customer to see their ads. If you can directly link a businesses boost in profits back to their Facebook page campaign that you made, businesses will start writing you checks. If you want to learn how to run successful, low cost Facebook ads Click Here and check Kim Garst Facebook Ads Launch Pad Course.

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