Want 5 Ways To Get More Customer In 2017? Steal Mine.

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#1: Build A Website:

Making a company website is one of the most important things a business can do to get more customers. A business website gives you a place online to send potential customers to learn about your business, buy products/services, and contact you. Most customers want to learn about your business before they purchase products/services from you. This is where your business website comes in to show pictures of your products or services done in the past. Customer can go over the products/services you provide, pricing, contact information, and leave reviews if you like. A business website is a must for using online classifieds and online marketing company’s. You provide the classifieds/marketing company your website address and they send customers to the website. All you need to create a website is a web site host. I recommend using Host Gator to create your website. Click here to get 20% off and starting creating your website. Host Gator makes designing your website, with all the features you need, easy. They provide 99.99% website up time and great 24/7 customer service support. If your business is not already using a website to get more customer, I definitely recommend you jump on it. 


#2: Social Media/Facebook ads

You want customers? Then bring your business to the people. As of the third quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.79 billion monthly active users. That number continues to grow. Facebook Advertising can be one of the cheapest and most successful ways to get more customer if you run the ads correctly. Since Facebook keeps data about what every user on Facebook likes, Facebook is very good at targeting your ads to the right customers. Facebook ads has many options to run ads for a post, for a page, pay per page views, pay per page like, pay per website link click, and so on. Facebook also lets you decide if you want ads to be shown to a broad audience like worldwide cat lovers or a more narrow targeted audience like United States business owners. Because of Facebook’s wide variety of advertising options some businesses are spending a lot with low customer conversion. And some businesses are making a lot with low spending. I recommend businesses that are new to Facebook marketing, learn how to property set up low cost ads that will successfully bring in new customers. Kim Garst is one for the many using the power of Facebook ads to generate a big profit. She has put together a $9 course called Facebook ads launch pad. Click here to get started learning how to run low cost ads that convert customers. I highly recommend to start using Facebook ads to get more customers if your businesses is not already.

#3: Get Customer Reviews

Businesses with good customer reviews often get more customers. Yelp is one of the biggest business review website. Here are some tips to get more positive customer reviews. Post a Yelp badge on your website to get more reviews. Take a few of the best Yelp reviews and post them on your website. Make it known that other customers like your business. Ask customers if they would leave you a good review. Make it known that you want reviews. Good reviews are very powerful in getting new customers. If you need to, come of with a small incentive for customers that take the time to leave good reviews. Create a Yelp deal. Yelp will promote your business more to get their cut from the deal. Add a Yelp review request to your businesses receipts or invoice. Offer a incentive request for your social media friends to leave a reviews.

#4:Offer New Customer Discounts

Offering new customers a discount is always a good way to get more customers. There is always some customers that are kind of on the fence about getting services/products from your business. Offering a first time deal often converts them into a customer and they are more likely to continue using your business, if you provide good services/products. I used this method 3 years when I was starting out my Landscaping business. I had no customers so I offered a insane deal where is was giving 2hrs of service, a $100 value in my area, for $30. The advertising website took 50% so I really made nothing for that 2hrs after business expenses. I did get 100 customers that all end up needing more work and my business blew up to more customers than I could handle by myself. I got about 50% to sign yearly landscaping contracts and gave discounts for referrals. Causing my business to grow even more. Offering new customers big discounts can be a very effective way to get more customers. Click here to go to the business discount site I used to get 100 customers when starting my Landscaping business. 

#5: Partner With Other Businesses

When partnering with businesses more often than not it’s a win-win situations for both companies. Look for businesses within your industry. Reach out to them. Propose on how the two companies can partner together while mutually benefiting both parties involved as well as the customer. Be organized about it and come with a plan. Partners can work together by cross referring business, newsletter features, cross blogging, and promoting each other through their social media platforms, or even by simply introducing customers to your product. Your businesses can split advertising cost. Allowing you to advertise twice as far on the same dollar. Start testing the promotion out and introducing it to your customers. In some cases, you may need to go back to the drawing board. Not very often does a business stay with one partnership forever. You’ll want to continue partnering with other businesses that offer more products and services than you and your initial partner do. Teaming up with other businesses is a tried and true way to get more customer for your business.


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