Want to learn 5 ways to make money online?

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Want to learn 5 ways to make money online?


#1: Become a Freelancer

One of the easiest way to make money online. There are many sites online that people come to, to hire people to complete projects for them. I personal have used Fiverr many times to hire Freelancers to do tasks for my businesses. Just look around these Freelancer websites at jobs people are already doing. Pick a job that you know how to do or that interest in. Create a free account at the Freelancer website and copy the job you want to do. You can use Google and Youtube to learn more about the Freelance job you want to preform. Be competitive with others offering the same service. Especially when first starting out. My sure your Freelancer profile looks professional and to good quality.  Look through your competitors profile and see what they are offering. Can you offer a better or faster service? Don’t under sell yourself but at first you might have to, to get good reviews. Give incentives for good reviews at first. Reviews are important in this business. Once you get your profile and service on a Freelancer website copy your service page web URL a share it on as many website and places as you can. Just a few of the big site you can share your service link are: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and so on. It’s definitively good to be active and work on getting a large following on any social media to majorly boost any online business. My last tip it to put your Freelance service on multiple freelancer sites and have multiple services. If done right and you take the time to do a quality job in everything you can make a nice full time income.

#2: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is when you promote other peoples products or services and when someone buys them through your link you get a commission of that sale. This is one of the most popular ways people with websites, YouTube channels, and big social media followings make money online. It’s popular because you don’t have to make or have a service or product you can use theirs to make a income. You just help the already established business make more sales through promoting their products/services and you get a income. Most big website selling products or services have a affiliate program you can site up for, get your affiliate link, and share the link or your website, social media, or YouTube channel to get sales. There are many sites like ClickBank that you can go to that have thousands of businesses you can become a affiliate for. It’s definitely most lucrative if you choose to promote businesses that have high commission percentages, up sales, and recurring payments; As you make a bigger commission when they up sell or on every recurring payment. Also when someone is brought to the business through your affiliate link it leaves a cookie on their computer that says you brought this person to this business. These cookies expire so check with the affiliate program you choose on how long the cookie lasts because you only get a commission for that amount of time. Example: If I click your affiliate link and it brings me to a business page, I think over if I want to buy their services for a week. If that cookie on my computer last 30 days and I buy in 7 days you get a commission. If I buy in 31 days you will not make a commission. It’s important you do your homework on the affiliate programs you promote. 

#3: Buying Established Websites

If you have the money to invest, buying a already established website that has been bring in a income for a good amount of time is the way to go. Making a website and content for a website, making social media accounts for a website, and getting your websites name around the web with hopes to make a income takes a lot of time and money.

Sites like Flippa you can go to, to buy a website that is already established, has a following, and is generating a income already. If it is your first time owning a website I’d suggest starting with a cheaper website to learn the ropes. Of course in most cases you get what you pay for. So if you do not spend a lot on a websites don’t expect to receive a big monthly income from it. Do a lot of research on the website and talk to and ask the owner questions before buying. Buying good quality website can be a very good investment.

#4: YouTube

To make money on YouTube you will need to consistently upload high quality videos. It takes some time to build up a fan base of subscribers. After some time of consistently uploading videos and building your fan base, videos get more and more views quicker and quicker. One of the most poplar ways to make money of YouTube is through reviewing products/services/websites. A lot of people go to YouTube to learn about products/services/websites. So for a example we will use Amazon products. You can find businesses on Amazon that give big discount or free products in exchange for a Amazon review on their product here and here. You pick a product that would be good to review. Make a quality video of you going over the product. Talk about what you liked about the product, what the product does, and be descriptive and address any concerns people might have about the product. Edit and upload the video to YouTube. In the YouTube video description you can put a link on where people can buy the product. Make that link in the description a amazon affiliate link. If done right your videos would make money 3 ways. 1: selling the free/discounted product you received 2: viewer buying the product though the affiliate link 3: YouTube Ads. It’s a good place to start on YouTube. As your YouTube channel gets bigger, businesses will start to send higher value items for you to review for free. You can do the same for reviewing websites. Example: Make a video titled “how to make a website”, make a video on the subject using a website host like host gator, then put a affiliate link in the description so you make a commission from people going to the link to make their own website with host gator. With consistency YouTube can be a very lucrative way to make money online.

#5: Drop Shipping

There are many product manufactures that rely on online businesses to sell their products for them. They sell you their product at wholesale. You sell their product at retail and you keep the difference. This is a good way to sell products online because you don’t have to invest the money in stocking items that will take up space in your house. You don’t have to invest any money in products because your customer pays you first. Then you use that money to order the product to your customer. The manufacture ships to your customer so you don’t have to deal with the shipping arrangements. Make sure the drop shipping business is a reputable business. Do your research on them. There are many ways to advertise your drop shipping products. Through your own website, eBay, Amazon, social media, shopify, and many other advertising methods. Here are just a few drop shippers click here and click here.

Drop shipping is another great way to make money online.

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